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Cate Urban Owner Urban Web Renovations

About Cate Urban and 

Urban Web Renovations

I founded Urban Web Renovations after 11 years of leading global marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations in Washington, DC. In each position I held, one thing remained the same – my passion for managing web sites and social media accounts for both organizations and major thought leaders.

In 2017, I insisted on revamping my favorite local restaurant's website and the idea for Urban Web Renovations was born. I chose the word "Renovations," because I liken the experience to having your kitchen remodeled - you can totally gut it and start over, or you can choose new cabinets, tiles and appliances. The second option of course cuts down on time and money spent. 

That's what I do for websites and social media pages. I present a fresh look, but I use the platform that is already in use or start from scratch using the customer's preferred platform. From there I can update color stories and typography choices, provide new graphics, create new web copy, optimize SEO, and reorganize information to make the site as user-friendly as possible. I can ensure then that all social media platforms reinforce the new design and writing style. It's all done quickly without ever taking the site off line. I can even provide training so businesses can manage effectively when I'm done.


I am eager to to help you create a professional and energetic web presence for your small business that attracts new clients and repeat business.  Let's get started!


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